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Cultural cooperation

FutuVision Media's Cultural Events - Pleasing all your senses

FutuVision Media sponsors cultural events designed to promote Chinese culture in Europe. Our aim is to bring people together in a festive setting to learn about Chinese culture and enjoy its versatility. Through the events, we offer the European public a unique perspective into the age-old cultural heritage of the Middle Kingdom, highlighting at the same time traditional, as well as modern aspects of this intriguing and multifaceted civilization. FutuVision Media's cultural events offer guests experiences that are sure to please all their five (or sometimes even six) senses. The events include:


Chinese Culture Festival

Our annual Chinese Culture Festival offers the general public a chance to experience China through:

  • Exhibitions of Chinese artists' work: sense the orient through artwork demonstrating the masterful skills of various artists.
  • Music and dance performances by Chinese and local talents: treat your ears to the beautiful sounds of traditional Chinese music or dance to the rhythm of present-day musical trends.
  • Shows featuring Chinese martial arts and other forms of health exercise: get your body moving and improve your mental capacities through exercise designed to find the balance between the mind and the body.
  • Showcases of Chinese traditions, such as tea ceremonies: experience rituals passed down through generations.
  • Public lectures on different China-related topics: expand your mind through presentations by leading experts.
  • Chinatown: the authentic feel of a Chinese market place. Food and social interaction - combining two of the best things that life has to offer.
Kunqu Opera at Tampere-talo

Concerts and performances

FutuVision Media supports Chinese artistic talent by sponsoring concerts and other spectacles all around Europe. Previous performances have featured, among others:

  • The Butterfly Orchestra
  • The Northern Kunqu Opera Troupe
  • The Beijing Modern Dance Company
  • Magicians Qing Mingxiao and Yao Jingfen
  • Instrumentalist Chen Jun
  • Singers Dong Wenhua, Yan Weiwen, Liu Weiwei and Lei Jia.

Radio86 listeners' gatherings

The listeners of Radio86 radio programs can participate in locally organized events aimed at uniting all the fans of our shows, as well as other people interested in China! Come and meet the people behind the radio programs and feel free to give us suggestions for future shows!

Movie weeks

FutuVision Media promotes the art of cinema by bringing Chinese films to European moviegoers. Dive into the fantastic world of the silver screen!

China as a travel destination

Cultural events sponsored by FutuVision Media serve as a platform for providing information on China as a travel destination. Sharing firsthand experiences help increase cultural understanding.

Other events promoting Chinese culture

FutuVision Media sponsors other public events highlighting different aspects of Chinese culture, including traditional rituals and customs, such as tea ceremonies.

Promoting Chinese cities in Europe

In order to bring China closer to Europe, FutuVision Media works in collaboration with several Chinese cities and municipalities to promote bilateral cultural exchange. Visiting Chinese delegations provide a glimpse into their local culture through colorful performances, exhibitions and public seminars etc. Our mission at FutuVision Media is to present a broad view of Chinese culture to all Europeans. After all, there is more to China than Beijing!